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It’s no secret that the situation concerning demand and offer of flats in Berlin is very tense, and that there is a fierce competition among those who look for a place to rent. It’s getting more and more difficult to find a beautiful flat suiting the own needs, and the respective search costs time, effort, and takes strong nerves. We are happy to be at your side! Simply commission us, and we start looking individually for exactly the right place for you, independent of the flats we have on stock.

To use this service please complete and sign the following form. If we are able to offer matching objects we will contact you.


We/I hereby retain real estate agency KOMMINKIEZ – N. BOETTCHER IMMOBILIEN – to find a flat for rent with following parameters. In case of a contract conclusion we/I assume paying the commission of of 2,38 net rents incl. 19% VAT.



number of rooms (min-max)

floor (min-max)

living space in m² (min-max)

move-in date

net cold rent (min-max)

partially commercial use is possible (at least one tenant works as a freelancer) yesnoirrelevant

balcony/terrace yesnoirrelevant

guests toilet yesnoirrelevant

kitchen open kitchenseparate kitchenirrelevant

stylistic elements



As soon as we receive your search parameters we will check the possibilities for a flat with these specifications. If we are able to offer matching objects we will contact you to arrange an exclusive viewing appointment. Please note the commission of 2,38 net rents incl. 19% VAT payed by the renter in case of signing a lease agreement.

Your search commission ends automatically after two month, so please make sure to renew it if you are still in search.

To increasing your chances of success it's useful to provide us your self-reporting in advance.






General Terms and Conditions of Business (AGBs).

I hereby accept the instruction about my rights to cancel any contract I may have concluded (gesetzliche Widerrufsbelehrung) and the General Terms and Conditions of Business (AGBs).

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